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  • Modern Solutions to
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  • nXnfind


    Querying unstructured text and structured databases


    Patented method of evaluating every object to determine its overall fit


    Merging and ranking search results from multiple sources

    Query augmentation:

    Dynamically refining a query based on user preferences and search results

  • Welcome to nXn!

    Finding relevance - exactly what you're looking for - drives everything we do. No matter what you're looking for amid the sea of information out there, nXnfind™, nXn's intelligent search and matching software, returns relevant results.


    For organizations with a need to make sense out of mountains of textual and structured data, nXn Tech. LLC's intelligent search software,     nXnfind™, creates a positive business impact by identifying the most relevant information.

    nXnfind™ enables our customers to provide their employees and customers with results that make sense by looking at everything as a multi-dimensional object, using our patented scoring model, and dynamically analyzing every set of results to determine what options will best aid navigation.


    One of the ways nXnfindTM puts content into context is by dynamically clustering search results into groups of similar content. People can better manage information overload and more easily navigate through search results by selecting relevant clusters, or content groups.

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