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  • Modern Solutions to
    Ancient Problems

  • nXnfindTM


    Querying unstructured text and structured databases


    Patented method of evaluating every object to determine its overall fit


    Merging and ranking search results from multiple sources

    Query augmentation:

    Dynamically refining a query based on user preferences and search results

  • Welcome to nXn!

    nXn solves a fundamental problem for government and private industry--we find the answer. 


    Prior to the internet, the problem was not enough and difficult to access information--the library and encyclopedia were difficult to access and the needle in the haystack was difficult to find. 

    Today, the problem is too much information--hundreds of pages of answers from your favorite search engine or hundreds of pages of possible answers from company databases do not help you to identify the particular needle you are looking for in a stack of needles.

    Whether it is business intelligence, data mining or disparate proprietary databases, nXn finds the answer.